MINECRAFT DROP! (Eternal Youth)

Just a quick video to keep the channel alive. I will still make sfm animations lol Discord server: http://discord.gg/UUqTJRM Music: RŮDE - Eternal Youth (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DhHGDOgjie4) Used maps: -The Dropper Map* -JJayJoker - Przygody z Minecraft - Sezon 1 -Western SkyWars map - Seamzel* -The Island* -SkyBlock 2.1* -JJayJoker - Przygody z Minecraft - Sezon 3 -Iviper - 'Świat z Minecraft Miasto 2013' -The Aether 2 Mod -The Castle v1.3.2* -Minecraft Hub - Vexahias* -Wildharmony* -RoxMb - MEA -Candyland* -Rainforest Valley* -Gates of Immortal* -The Temple of Notch * - from PlanetMinecraft Shaders - SEUS Renewed